All neutrals agree: If Haye doesn't take Fury out within 5 rounds he is getting KOd

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Maxsplit, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Cableaddict

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    Jun 15, 2011
    OP, I completely disagree.

    Haye will likely fight the Big Doofus just like he fought Wlad. Totally safe for 11 rounds. (attempted blowjobs optional.)

    - but then in the 12th, when Davey lets loose a few desperation Hayemakers, he'll actually catch the lumbering giant & put him down, unlike with his similar attempt at the skilled Klitschko.
  2. Them Bones

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    May 18, 2011
    Not really sure how anyone has Fury winning this one tbh.
    I think Haye is leagues above in both power and skills, and probably has the better chin too. I know that Haye probably doesn't have the greatest chin, but like someone else mentioned, it's been a while since there were any real issues.

    Fury looked very limited in his last fight against Cunningham, and if it wasn't for the massive size difference, he probably wouldn't have had a chance against a clearly more skilled Cunningham. And this was supposed to be his big breakthrough, performing on a big network in the States, so he would obviously have been highly motivated in that fight. And if that was the best he could do, then clearly he isn't close to being ready for a guy like Haye.
    Yes Fury is undefeated, but who the hell has he faced? If you go by boxrec, then his resume looks pretty decent, considering he's faced many guys with good and undefeated records, but if you look past that, you'll realize that he's only been in the ring with one guy who can be considered to be a world class fighter, and that's Cunningham. A none puncher in his 3rd ever heavyweight fight, and he got knocked down in a pretty big way in that fight. His only other reasonably big win was against Chisora, who isn't really world class imo, but still a good fighter, and if i remember correctly he also escaped that one by the skin of his teeth.

    Haye on the other hand...
    Yes he was thoroughly outclassed by Wlad, and choked big time in that fight. And then had the balls to come up with some of the worst excuses i've ever heard from a boxer. The whole thing was just pathetic.
    But after a full year off he came back and totally destroyed Chisora, in one of his most impressive performances in recent years.

    Fury does have a big size advantage, and he used that reasonably well against Cunningham, but in spite of that he still had huge problems in that fight.

    At the end of the day, there will only be one in the ring who is world class, and that's Haye.

    Imo, the only really exciting part of this fight will be the trash talking!
  3. Wildthing

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    Aug 2, 2009
    If this gets announced the build up will be absolutely hilarious, can't wait :lol:

    I'd say Haye will have him down with in 6 rounds but I will be cheering for Tyson Fury I can't understand how anyone could hate the guy.
  4. Mattaru

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    Agreed, probably with less blowjobs though since Fury won't hold as much.
    He'll repeat the same strategy. fury doesn't have wlad's evasion and will probably eat a few big punches

    and what? haye can easily go the full 12 rounds.
    should make for a fun fight
  5. RightCross

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    Aug 3, 2004

    This made me laugh.

    I got Haye by KO. Fury has a questionable chin. If his chin holds up he could wear Haye down late.
  6. SimplyTheBest

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    Feb 3, 2010
    No, it is not a fair assesment.

    The same was said about Haye vs. Wlad. If Haye doesn't KO him in the first half, he'll most likely go into run and hide mode if Fury is able to still apply pressure. However, Fury doesn't have the footspeed and balance to chase after Haye during the 2nd half and be able to land clean on Haye without opening himself up to counters from Haye.

    The chance of Haye getting KO'd by Fury is slim to none.
  7. dyna

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    Jun 1, 2012
    Haye has pretty bad stamina too, don't know how much he fixed it but by the end of the Chisora fight he was getting pretty gassed.

    Haye is also a terrible finisher (despite his high KO ratio).

    If Fury can give resistance for 5-6 rounds I'm pretty sure it will become a clear Fury win.
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  8. dyna

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    Jun 1, 2012
    Fury isn't as gunshy as Wlad is.
    He will come to Haye unlike Wlad who was just there to stop any advances.
  9. shaunster101

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    Nov 29, 2007
    Not the wisest move to be dropping your hands and going to the body of a guy looking to take your head off with a big right hand.
  10. Jay23

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    When Fury gets caught he tends to get caught clean due to his awful defence..
    When Haye lands flush and at some point he will, he won't just drop Fury he will knock him clean out.. :deal

    Fury is a bum. Brutal KO waiting to happen.