Are punchers BORN or MADE?

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    It seems like these days we constantly hear about how punchers are born and not made, that it's impossible to make a good puncher : either you have it or you don't. Even the great Cus d'Amato and Teddy Atlas don't believe punchers are made. While practicing boxing, my interest came across a book written by an old legend in the name of Jack Dempsey. This book is called Championship Fighting - Power Punching and Aggressive Defense, and the chapter 3 of the book is called Punchers Are Made; Not Born.

    Long story short, Jack Dempsey goes on to explain in the 3rd chapter that most fighters who are under the spotlight, himself included, believe their power is natural and not acquired through practice, and it's only once his career was over that he realized his power was due to the fruit of hard work and understanding the different principles of hard punching, it took skills. Just like the tree hides the forest if you're too close to it.

    The art of punching was already falling off, according to Dempsey, during his era, and did not hold the same standard as the more ancient boxers of the days of John L. Sullivan. The Jolt punching technique has been written off by many boxers from their textbook, the idea is that it's not good defense wise, something Dempsey did not agree with.

    If we think about 2 prominent heavyweight boxers of today, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, a lot of people will claim that Tyson Fury has all the skills in the world and Wilder's technique "stinks" (dixit Teddy Atlas). This leads a lot of people to believe that Wilder's only talent is a natural one, and that he has no boxing skills whatsoever, and the lack of power from a Tyson Fury is due to not having that natural ability, rather than not having or exercising the skills.

    I wonder if many people here practice boxing and if they believe that punchers are MADE or BORN, what do you think?

    As for me, I tend to believe what Jack Dempsey believes, that punchers can be made.
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    Great power is born
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