attempted to make a Mcgregor promo

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    Feb 17, 2021
    trying to mix it up on my channel and improve my woeful editing skills, threw together this promo before the bigger promo channels eat me haha.

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    Dec 3, 2017
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    He should have never come back after the Cerrone fight. Could have left on a win and left the sport with a good memory. You can't take years off of the sport, abuse drugs and alcohol and train irregularly and then just expect to come back where you left off. Even true masters of their sports, like Floyd Mayweather and Georges St-Pierre continued to train like a professional during their absence as they knew they were going to come back someday.

    He disrespected the sport, and he paid the price for it. I'm sure he doesn't really care because he's made a fortune in the process. But he should have quit the moment he knew his heart wasn't in it anymore. He said himself that prize fighting is short and that the goal was to "get in, get rich and get out". Should have followed his own advice.

    It's a shame because I really enjoyed his career. His domination over Holloway was a true master class, and I do wonder what would have happened to his career if his ACL was never torn in that fight. He became much more flat footed after that. As much as Poirier improved, he really had no business losing to a fighter of that caliber if he was at his absolute best. Then again, he had no business losing to Diaz the first time, but he did.

    McGregor was a damn good fighter at his best but also a very flawed one, too. He was an exciting flash in the pan and injected the sport with much needed life after the end of Silva's and GSP's careers. He was intelligent fighter that brought a lot of useful revelations to MMA striking, and he was very exciting to watch. But I still feel that he left a lot on the table and underachieved due to a lack of discipline and desire. He reminds me of a teammate I had in high school wrestling who was very charismatic and talented, but just pissed it all away.

    Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.
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    The Mayweather pay day ended his career.

    He should have been more open minded with his training camp (like GSP when he sought out the best in each discipline to train with), and addressed his two biggest weaknesses: the ground game and cardio.

    Never seemed mentally tough enough, IMHO.