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    Whyte brings to the ring; a sheet of A4 with the title Resume at the top, a desert menu in the middle and it is nicely rounded off with E. Earn as a reference.
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    I ignore Ring Magazine as well now that you provide your regular updates based on actual boxing CVs.
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply mate.

    I agree that Fury's footwork is not what it was. He's definitely had to evolve his style due to age and the obvious neglect of his body. I would argue that the 2015 version was a David in a Goliath's. His weight reflected an attitude of pure boxing. Hitting and not getting hit. This version is pretty much 20 stone and he can seriously punch hard. He still has that brilliant boxing intelligence, the feints, more subtle footwork, setting traps. He can still do the 12 rounds easy. He's demonstrated his chin from getting up from some seriously hard shots. Whyte doesn't get to land a decent jab on Fury never mind a left hook. He's not 6 foot tall Povetkin, Rivas, Chisora or Parker. This is 6"7-6"8, 20 stone elite level fighter who will have Whyte blowing out of his backside and chewing on the double jab until Fury puts him out of his misery with a big lights out shot.

    You criminally underrate Wilder and shockingly overrate Whyte in the same sentence.
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    6'7.5" Fury vs 6'2.5" Whyte - Whyte will look tiny in there next to Fury and I don't know how a plodder like Whyte is going to be able to get close to Fury without being on the end of a jab or even a power shot. I am a fan of Whyte, but I could easily see him being stunned by Fury jabs if he walks onto one. The lack of foot speed is a massive issue.

    Ultimately, Whyte will more or less have to rely on a bit of luck and have to go for Fury early. There's no way he's going to skillfully and strategically get under jabs and slip punches on a consistent basis over the course of rounds.

    @Mitch87 talks about Whyte having a good jab, left hook and being a good body puncher. His lack of height and footspeed will disable these attributes that may work against other opponents. He will need to go in with an angry mindset, conscious of the fact that his only chance is to go for it and leave a bit to chance. If he tries to go in there using a jab, boxing with Fury and to create openings he is on a hiding to nothing.
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    Feb 11, 2018
    On a side note I have the old Fury beating current Fury. How do you see it?
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    No it wouldn't it'd be absolutely hilarious, obviously not to Matchroom fans who'll obviously decide furys "scared"which is as silly as it sounds, Eddie & frank smiths interviews along with the fact whyte was stiffened a year ago, not to mention the way they done wallin over have me hoping fury blanks him.
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    I agree I think. The only person I wouldn't confidently back Fury against at HW is Usyk. I think the Fury of 2015, with the increased mobility and sharpness, would be very awkward for the current bulldozer version. Would be an interesting fight though.
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    Povetkin 1. Wilder levels whyte first time he lands
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    Trying to use mental gymnastics to try justify Fury possibly skipping his mandatory defense vs Whyte is ridiculous.

    Mandatory defences need to happen as if not what's the point in fighters fighting? Everyone moans when fighters pick there voluntary defences vs umdermatched opponents yet the same people want a champion to duck a mandatory against a fighter who has earnt his spot.

    The wallin fight not happening wasn't ideal but Wallin is getting turned into some killer who Whyte avoided like the plague lol.
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    It really wouldn't.

    I understand your point from a karma POV, but the reality is that Fury vacating would lead to Dillian facing one of Wilder, Ruiz or Joyce for the WBC title.

    And if Fury tries to keep the belt and sidestep the mandatory, Whyte's people would tie the WBC up in even more legal proceedings than they already have. And a franchise championship would smell so badly and de-legitimise boxing even more.

    For me, I'd rather see Fury v Whyte in the spring within a few weeks of AJ v Usyk II, on paper it's a simple task for Tyson. Then bring on the unification bout in late 2021 - either Fury v Usyk or Fury v AJ.

    Every boxing fan should want the same imho, because it's the simplest road to the unification match.
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    I completely disagree.

    Both are convicted PED cheats so as a one off I’d be all for no drug testing and let themselves shove as many needles in their arses as they like and be the best version of themselves that they can be and give us an enhanced version of the fight.
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    Apr 23, 2020
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    Now that's worth purchasing!

    Whyte looking like a Poundland Mr T, Tyson tanked up on tackle... take my money!
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    So basically Whyte is getting knocked out regardless of who he fights? Lovely.
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    Stylistically, the 2015 version beats the current one on points imo. This current version is far more dangerous though in terms of getting his opponent out of there. He always lacked pop with that 2015 style but his current style carries more power.