Ever fight in the street?

Discussion in 'Boxing Training' started by Thracian, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Thracian

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    Dec 24, 2012
    The Trayon Martin case got me thinking. Some security guards really gave me a hard time this weekend, but I kept cool because I knew I'd have to see them the next day and the day after.

    Have you ever been in fights and contemplated using your skills, and what happened?

    EDIT: SOME Bouncers/security are ****s, and I should have gotten their names/numbers to report later, but I figured they would get wise and pull something worse before the weekend was over.

  2. viru§™

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    Aug 28, 2007
    Making the blanket statement "bouncers and security guards are ****s" is very ignorant. I know many door supervisors and security guards that are good guys, yes there's some power hungry pricks out there but they're not all the same.

    Like you said the best thing to do is report them if they're starting **** with you. If it's a door supervisor you'll get kicked out by multiple guys and possibly banned from whever you are. What do you gain from that? Fighting these guys is ****ing stupid however amazing you feel your boxing skills are.
  3. beast boxer

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    Jul 2, 2013
    give the ***** a good head knocking only joking i wouldn't bother mate unless they really **** you off
  4. kimonerz

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    Apr 1, 2007
    Don't do it, it really is not worth it.

    I'm not talking about it in a moral way, I'm saying this because I broke my hand fighting in the streets once. I still regret it till this day. Plus you can go to jail.
  5. det

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    Nov 15, 2005
    Leave it for the ring. :good

    TERRYTIBBS Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jun 11, 2013
    onyl do it if you have to avoid at all costs imo
  7. Ipay4leavingNot

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    Jun 30, 2013
    Yes like saying rapist and murderers are ****s is very ignorant :rofl
    I know of many prison full of rapist and murderers and I am certain you can find some who you may get along with on a personal level and even conclude they were a good guy :patsch
    Bouncers are mostly entirely pricks.
    Security guards not so much, most just leave people alone, but I did have bad encounter with them 1 time.
    I only agree fighting them is stupid, even if you win you still LOSE. Does the OP go out at night to have fun or to fight. If it is to have fun then you are losing by getting into fights.

    Lets think about the martin case and apply it to what you are thinking. Some strange guy follows you, you try to run away, he chases you and you fight him and when you beat him to pulp and start backing away he pulls out a gun and shoots you when he starts losing. Some people might disagree it happened another way or whatever, it doesn't really matter for this example. But no matter how you cut it you are going to beat up a guy who is provoking you. Next thing you know he pulls out a gun and shoots you and kills you and uses stand your ground or self defense to not even get arrested. It sounds like an incredibly stupid plan at BEST.

    With stand your ground laws and self defense in the USA, if you are going to beat someone up, you better make sure you kill them DEAD :scaredas: Because they will be viewed as 100% justified in shooting anyone who just punches them a few times. Lets be real Zimmerman's injuries were not that bad. We've all seen WAY worse in the ring. Can you live with killing someone on purpose? You better take some training beyond boxing like krav maga or learn how to rip a heart out or brush up on your rabbit punch because stand your ground aka shoot first makes it clear. If you are going to pull a gun or fight someone, its best to just kill them and claim self defense after. Because if you let them live your chance of going to jail increases exponential along with your chance of beng killed if they or a friend are packing.

    I got in a huge fight in stockholm, with all in all 7 bouncers it was like WW3 and we all ended up in the same hospital, I thought we were going to fight in the waiting room. I would have behaved the same way had it happened to day but I was not the aggressor. I also heard they kicked everyone out after because they were understaffed :lol: Don't go looking for a fight with bouncers but if one comes to you I say whoop their ass. As for security guards, most of them are just their to prevent people from damaging property and are not really assholes. Only the roid rage big men are looking for trouble in my experience. IMO big guys make the WORST security and bouncers because all they really do is take roids and want to fight, they have no interest in actually protecting the land lords property. Where a normal person would use words they want to attack a person.
  8. Thracian

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    Dec 24, 2012
    I was at a four-day event and each day, I had another worse encounter with the security guards...don't want to get into specifics, but each situation was worse than the last. I know how I'd deal with it in hindsight, but at the time, I figured no one was that stupid/aggressive/etc.

    Oh well...next time will be different.
  9. greynotsoold

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    Aug 17, 2011
    I started boxing to get better at fighting elsewhere, and not with gentle men like security guards. I was a white kid that grew up in a Mexican gang neighborhood- so so, not a lock down neighborhood- surrounded by severe black gang neighborhoods. To get to the gym I rode my bike through another black gang 'hood (Bloods. My immediate neighbors were Crips) and into a serious Mexican gang area.
    I did a lot of fighting when I was a young man.
  10. Spooner21

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    Apr 4, 2011
    i one punched a guy at a party before. that was the only "street" fight ive been in since i started training, and back then i just trained myself. but, i did show up at a couple hockey tryouts and beat up the tough guys that were there, just because most of them had no idea what the hell they were doing lol
  11. 123ko

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    Apr 2, 2012
    if you get arrested for fighting ,,,the judge doesn't take kindly to people having an advantage when fighting ,,if the judge finds out your a boxer you will get the blame and the offense will be worse i got in allot a fights in my teens its hard to walk away when you've had a few beers,,,
  12. beast boxer

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    Jul 2, 2013
    i have a mate who is a semi pro boxer, about 10 - 12 people were having a go at him anyway to cut a long story short he smacked one of them in self defence because the other guy tryed to hit him any way he knocked the guy out and they found out he is a boxer and he got comunitie service lol.
  13. KillSomething

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    Dec 1, 2009
    This. Some of the chillest dudes I know are doormen, really the job prefers a nice relaxed guy who can handle situations without massacring people. All I know is any time I remember dealing with bar security they were very professional and would simply trick me into leaving before I realized I was getting thrown out. Then again I'm not a **** to them or aggressive.
  14. Thracian

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    Dec 24, 2012
    Neither was I, on this, and many other occasions.

    Never had problems with cops but that doesn't mean my personal experiences are typical, especially across different places in the world.
  15. silly_illy

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    Feb 5, 2008
    i had a street fight once...with 50 big heavyweights men against me....

    i kung fu kicked them all 1 by 1! knoct um all out!

    the last 1 was big, twice the size of Valuev
    ...but i threw 1 upercut & knocked him out cold ...he landed 5 blocks away!