Fimo's gonna get lit up in rematch

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  1. Rikicortz

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    Jul 19, 2019
    Fimo's gonna get his ass lit up in the rematch, gonna be a next level whooping served, we saw what Loma did in the 2nd half of the fight
  2. iii

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    May 3, 2016
    Looking at the fight I am a bit frustrated TBH, I mean OK Loma's game plan was as Lopez said they were looking to test him technically early on then outpace him later on...
    the frustration is that Popachenko is supposed to be a training god along the lines of the late great Eddie Futch & dear Manny Steward , god bless them both, so what baffles me is this.
    The opposite fought in an entirely diferent way to his usual biff bamm lights out styleee, instead he was reserved ,carefull & good defense...So why did Popa not change the plan?
    No way was Lopez going to get tired & drained at that pace, OK they have both been out of the ring awhile but we all know that will affect a 33yr old a lot more than a guy 10 yrs fact I remember being 22/23 & nothing ever slowed me down & I am no exception to the rule...what were team Loma thinking? Maybe...the searcing coasting over the 1t part was for Lomos benefit in the stamina stakes ... I have no dog in the fight so i will just pop this in , as i saw it Lomo obviously was doing good work in the 1st part as Lopez was marked up more than he by the 6th round & no it wasn't all by head rubbing etc , as Mike tyson famously said " ITS A FIGHT".
    Lomo was disapointing for whatever reason we may never find out, I was & am impressed with Lopez good little fighter who took a big deal....but lets keep it real
    Lomo 33 Lopez 23, Lomo the smaller guy &it showed pops up to 135 while Lopez can easily fir into 140, Lopez one of the if the most explosive punchers in this division & possibly above. I don't know did lomo take him to lightly, did they get arrogant...if they (which I doubt) then they deserve what happened . I am in danger here of a wall of text aka Shadow so I'll stop now , just to say
    lslim margin win to Lopez or a draw ? Toss of a coin...
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    Oct 23, 2011
    Ask yourself why Loma didn't try to engage him for the first 6 rounds

    Why he spent the whole of round 1, not throwing a single punch whilst Lopez punished his body and was free to gather range with his jab.

    He was baiting and hoping Lopez would be a wild desperado. He wasn't. He didn't show Loma anything in that first round and it was brilliant. Lopez didn't fall for anything.

    Loma tries to come at him earlier in the rematch he will taste the full force of the younger, bigger man who can only improve.

    & he will get caught cold by a superior pro boxer. Not a hyped up amatuer.

    Loma has to risk it all for glory against Lopez in a rematch. He is on the cusp of retirement otherwise. What else is he in boxing for?

    This is it, his make it to break it moment. Should he lose the rematch he needs to take it on the chin and be a graceful veteran. If he avoids the rematch then lmao, dude needs to retire.

    There are moments in boxing where champions get defined and this is that moment. The way he handled the defeat was very bad.

    I think he's a beat man...honestly. He lost by 2 rounds and ran off. Reverse the situation Lopez wouldn't run away.
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    Oct 20, 2011
    Can't give away the first six rounds and expect to win