How would Anthony Joshua do in MMA with 6-12 months of grappling, kicking training?

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    Jun 12, 2020
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    "Okay, his last opponent was not impressive at all, nor was him getting knocked out by chubby Ruiz in the first fight.

    Anthony Joshua fights from an orthodoxy stance. He is 6′5″, 250 pounds, with an 82″ reach, ample strength, and huge power in all his punches. He has the footwork to cut off the ring, but not to dance around and away from an opponent while popping him with jabs. His stamina and ability to take a punch are less than elite.

    Joshua is a boxer/puncher, not a cute stylist. He works behind a very hard jab, often ducking under it to land a right to the body. All his punches are hard, including the jab, which has good, but not great speed. He should throw more of them, especially in groups of two and three.

    Joshua’s defense is fair. He keeps his right glove glued to the side of his face, making him virtually immune to a left hook landed from a distance. He has elite ability to duck left hooks thrown at him from shorter range. "

    How would AJ do if he went to the UFC, and had 1 year of grappling, wrestling, BJJ and kickboxing training? I think his superhuman strength and height/reach and exceptional fitness levels will make him a difficult opponent to beat.

    Francis Ngannou will probably knock him out, and Stipe will probably take him down and outpoint him. I think he can beat the rest after 1 year
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    You'll need more than a year's training to deal with a top shelf grappler.

    And the idea that that idiot Ngannou could KO Joshua is laughable. He throws punches like he's spazzing out.

    Joshua would do OK against striking heavy fighters but anybody that's well-rounded or grappling heavy will school him.
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