Kid Galahad - 13 Nov

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    Sep 10, 2016
    @Jurgen cracks me up, Team Shanny lol.

    My favourite is still big Joan fury
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    Apr 26, 2014
    Eddie owes Kiko a payday after he saved Zelfa's career.
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    Feb 15, 2021
    By no means. I used to live in Spain a few years ago and went to a lot of boxing events, large and small. I saw Kiko fight a few times from ringside, and I have great fun nowadays watching the career progress for a few Spanish boxers I saw at the very beginning of their pro careers, or even as amateurs. One of them boxes tomorrow in Italy for the first time outside Spain, Juan Felix Gomes. Noticed him as an amateur, and now he is 10-0. Guess I won't be able to see him fight online, but to me, to read news and follow the careers step by step for these fighters that I've seen, gives me a lot of joy. Nowadays I just watch boxing online, and with a DAZN subscription I watch all of the Matchroom events, including the new Matchroom Spain and some of the Matchroom Italy events. The level is usually at the European B or C level, but there are many old school evenly matched fights, with sink or swim for these fighters from the first fight they fight. It is from this background I also follow boxers such as Kiko.

    The decision that went against Kiko earlier this year was horrible.

    Cosequently, I just can't stand it when causal boxing fans, many from the US or UK, mock boxers from other countries that they've never heard of, or having seen them box. At best, they may have stumbled across a fight by Kiko or someone else brought in as a journeyman for a big show in the US or the UK, but they have no clue what is the back story of many of these fighters.

    Another example these days is Sandor Martin who will box Mikey Garcia now. I sure don't think Martin will win that fight, even if MG is a bit rusty from his lay off, but I've seen Martin from ringside a few times too, and I know the long road he's been to, to get to where he is now. A make or break fight against a ring rusty former boxing star. It really annoys me when people write such things as "who the foook is Martin?", or Kiko is bad because he even lost to Barrett (a robbery). I guess we'll hear the same about Sergio Garcia too, when the long awaited fight between him and Sebastian Fondura is announced. On the other hand, I get a great feel of joy whenever one of these unknown underdogs pulls it off, to "everyone's" surprise. Like when Lejarraga beat Skeete in Bilbao. I was ringside for that fight. Would love to see Kiko pull off this one too.
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    Jesus, who rattled your cage? As you’ve noted, Kiko has been on British soil many times - so British fans (casual or not) are very aware of him from fights with Dunne (nearly 15 years ago!), Rendal Munroe x2, Frampton x 2, Scott Quigg, Josh Warrington and most recently Zelfa Barrett as you noted. His only official win was the 1 round blow out of Dunne, and I thought the Zelfa fight was close and wouldn’t have complained if it had gone the other way (scorecards were awful) but his record this side of the pond is 1-7.

    Kiko hasn’t been relevant at world level since 2014. He was seen as a soft defence for Romero which backfired, and Kiko then had a couple half decent defences before Frampton took the belt off him. By the time Kiko fought Quigg he was seen as tough but was a big underdog (and then stopped in 2 rounds.) Any time he’s boxed outside of Spain in the last 6 years he’s been the opponent and lost every time, a couple by stoppage.

    Make no two ways against it, Kiko is a poor defence made to make Galahad look good - and he will. Kiko will put pressure on and Galahad will pepper him and move all night. Kiko will be pulled out by his trainers on his stool probably after round 8, after losing every round conclusively.

    There’s not too many casuals on this forum, rather informed posters with strong opinions. We all like and respect Kiko, he’s an entertaining boxer - but he’s been gifted a title shot as an opponent when there were plenty more interesting fights out there.
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    Feb 15, 2021
    Your opinion is certainly not shared by Spanish boxing fans about several of Kiko’s defeats. This is clearly shown at’s forum, and also among Spanish boxing journalists. In Spain, some of those fights would have gone the other way.

    About his abilities and form in recent years, and his chances to win at the highest level, you are right. But he still has a winning chance, as a fringe contender or gate keeper. He looked good some months ago.

    If people here think Kid should have fought someone better, direct the anger towards his promoter and manager. Kiko just grabs the opportunity given to him. Could be considered a Matchroom compensation though.

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    Sep 7, 2017
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    The irony being the entire board basically agreed the result was a total joke.
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    Apr 26, 2014
    Not sure anyone had Skeete as favourite for that fight. No surprise there.
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    Sep 30, 2016
    Many of us on here are Team Kiko for this fight - he will need the KO as no chance of a decision on a ReMatchroom Card
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    You have to admit, it is not a great match. Galahad is a top tier fighter, no doubt. Kiko is not, and no disrespect intended. They are at differing stages of their careers. Kiko is a wily old fighter who can still cause fighters a problem, at a certain level. As fans, we want to see top quality matches. This match falls way short of the standard that us fans expect of a world title defence, especially for someone as talented as Galahad.
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