Marcellus Wilder claims his brother suffered a major dent/fracture from the 2nd Fury fight

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Glass City Cobra, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. MrTombourineMan

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    Apr 16, 2016
    This isn't just toxicity though. Wilder's ego has infected his entire fanbase like a plague to the point that they're becoming even more delusional than the man himself. It's worrying.
  2. timeout

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    Jun 15, 2010

    Rip you glass jawed dosser I say.
  3. Thor Odinson

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    Mar 25, 2020
    his entire fan base isn’t even worth 3 fiddy
  4. Thor Odinson

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    Mar 25, 2020
    that’s how low intelligence wilder and his ilk are

    “but de doctor said durrin da autopsy”:crybaby2:
  5. Sugar 88

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    Feb 4, 2012
    I think it's more a case of him attracting assholes to support him. I doubt anyone has become toxic through supporting him.

    I also doubt that dent came from the Fury fight. This seems like a desperate way for Team Wilder to try to excuse the one sided nature of the beating he took last time out and trick the gullible into thinking he only lost via cheating and so will win the rematch in a 'fair' scenario. This accusation is especially ironic considering Wilder has been known to club his opponents in the back of the head throughout his career.

    Only one person has been cheated in their two fights and that was Fury on the cards the first time around.
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  6. FastSmith7

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    Sep 16, 2017
    That youtube comment section... my ****ing God... people actually believe it
  7. Thor Odinson

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    Mar 25, 2020
    It’s astounding isn’t it

    reading the comments hurt my brain
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  8. RB1702

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    May 7, 2020
    It’s obvious Wilder is telling his brother to say this stuff and has probably been leaking false accusations to the LDBC channels for months in order to protect his reputation. Complete damage control since he lost the fight. Pathetic loser of a man so he is. He’s not a true champ and never was. He’s an embarrassment to boxing.
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    Dec 10, 2005
    The Kinahan mob sent a paddy to rural ghetto alabama to pistol whip Beyonce.

    Sounds believable.
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  10. BCS8

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    Aug 21, 2012
    It's disgraceful that Fury was allowed to hit Wilder so hard. There should be an inquiry into this. We need Sven Ottke's referee back to keep Wilder safe.
  11. Max Thunder

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    Apr 25, 2017
    Pray for Wilder bros. I heard bomb squad is receiving resignation letters at an alarming rate.
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  12. The Clan

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    Nov 11, 2007
    This has become comical, all the excuses that have poured out of the Wilder camp from the moment Wilder said “I’m not going to make any excuses” in the post fight interview.

    I broke my arm
    My leg was over massaged
    My costume was too heavy
    My crown tired my neck muscles
    The red eyes affected my vision
    Burst eardrum
    Brelands premature ejection
    Someone spiked my melon
    Fury’s glove had fallen apart
    It wasn’t me in that ring, it was somebody else
    Fury used illegal punching
    Fury loaded his gloves with metal shot

    It’s pathetic!
    However not as pathetic as this YouTuber playing the race card, that’s just despicable!
  13. Beyonce Wilder

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    Nov 11, 2015
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  14. Thor Odinson

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    Mar 25, 2020
    my head hurts listening to his fans and his brother marshmallow wilder
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  15. Holler

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    Mar 12, 2018
    Wilder's press release clears this up I feel:

    All Y'all gotta know,
    Bout the split in my head,
    My Bro ain't a clue,
    Just ignore what he said,

    I know he told y'all,
    In my head was a dent,
    But his ass is so stupid,
    He don know what it meant,

    See I did it myself,
    With some self imposed bruises,
    To help me recall,
    This content is protected

    Every time that I thought,
    Of a reason to explain,
    Why I lost to a fat man,
    I recalled it via pain,

    So I hit my head hard,
    A sound blow on the noggin,
    So I wouldn't forget,
    That excuse to be loggin,

    Hope Y'all now are clear,
    Why my skull is now cracked,
    It's the reason that excuses,
    I've never lacked,