Nicki Smedley interview. Wow!

Discussion in 'British Boxing Forum' started by BigDoofus, Sep 2, 2021.

  1. high tower

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    Mar 27, 2008
    sounds very suspect. Why would a group of grown men separately come out and make this up ???
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  2. Rick Rude

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    Dec 22, 2020
    People do anything for "clout" or a couple of quid nowadays. Nothing would surprise me.
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  3. CutThroatFade

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    May 25, 2015
    What “clout” and what money can anyone possibly obtain from raising false allegations against Dave Coldwell who is really a peripheral figure in the sport?

    If the allegations are false then the motivation is likely to have stemmed from some sort feeling of having being wronged by Coldwell in some situation.

    But there’s no clout nor money to be made here unless they were trying to blackmail him.
  4. Rick Rude

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    Dec 22, 2020
    We are living in strange times. People are doing/saying some outrageous things for "likes". I would sincerely hope this isn't the case. I know there are situations where people pay people to go on platforms and say things etc. I think realistically if the allegations are false then they're probably fuelled from a perceived wrong, as you said.
  5. DramaShow

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    Dec 22, 2020
    Porky is trying to keep this going so he can get Coldwell onto his channel for views.

    I don’t see how 3 grown men on live video could make this up but then again people do weird things for some recognition.

    Maybe some parts are true and then other parts have been over-exaggerated, I’m not fully sure.

    I just don’t see how some of the things said could have been made up.

    Has anyone made a report to safeguarding authorities or whatever so they can investigate in case he is working with children at the moment / recent examples etc?

    Just saying that if these guys have spoken on Porky’s channel they could easily make a report so other people could come forward or whatever if they are actually true.