Simple Secret To Keeping Your Hands Up When Boxing

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    Dec 16, 2019
    Want to know a secret for keeping your hands up when boxing?

    The secret is to tilt your upper body slightly forward! That's literally it and this works instantly. But you're probably wondering why?

    It's all a matter of balance. Your body is constantly trying to balance itself. If you lean back: your hands/arms will naturally go forwards and/or drop lower to balance your upper body. If you lean forward: your hands/arms will naturally go up and/or back to balance your upper body.

    That's literally it and you can do it with the slightest amount. If you notice, more experienced fighters have no problem leaning forward. They love being aggressive and getting into their opponent’s space. They love reaching in with big shots and being psychologically imposing. This makes their body position obviously more likely to go forward while being BALANCED at the same time.

    The less experienced fighters tend to do the exact opposite. They like to lean backward and keep their head as far away from their opponent as possible. Unfortunately, this means they’ll be leaning back and usually leads to being pushed even further back, losing balance and losing ground.

    Just a simple tip but can give you huge results in a fight. Because if you lean back in a fight and your hands go down, you're more likely to be KOed!

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